Meet The Crew

Norman Agnew
Master Captain Norm Agnew

Captain Norm started in the marine construction business and has been in the boating sector for over 35 years. He grew up in the Midlands and currently lives in Chapin with his wife and son.

Captain Norm operated the original tour boat on Lake Murray – the “Southern Patriot” which his family brought to the area in 1989. He holds a Master Captain’s License issued by the United States Coast Guard.

He serves as the Co-Senior Captain for The Spirit and along with Captain Rick, Captain Norm helps to manage the business operations.

Rick Crout
Master Captain Rick “Hook” Crout

Master Captain Rick “Hook” Crout has over 30 years of boating experience including as a Boat Charter Captain for over ten years. In addition to smaller boats, he has operated larger tour vessels including yachts and water taxis both inland and open sea.

Captain Rick is a commercial pilot and operated an aircraft brokerage. He also works as a concierge pilot for private jet owners. Rick and his family live near Pine Island on Lake Murray.

Captain Rick serves as the Co-Senior Captain of The Spirit and oversees all Spirit Captains to ensure safety for the guests and crew.


Steve Price
General Manager

Steve Price has done a little bit of everything ranging from award-winning restaurateur, food and beverage, hospitality expert and aviator. He has over 30 years in the customer service industry including work with a major airline and managing top of the line restaurants.

Steve ensures the best food and drink for the guests aboard The Spirit of Lake Murray – drawing on his years of experience in the food and hospitality industry. He is a lifetime resident of Lake Murray currently residing in Ballentine.